Frequently Asked Questions!


What do I do if I work the same hours you’re open?
AWe are a customer service oriented business and we will help by keeping this replacement at your convenience in every possible way. We will work with you to arrange a time for that suits your needs.
How long will it be before my shower is installed?
AIt generally takes approximately 14 business days from the time of the final measurement, deposit and sign off by customer. We do the final measure normally within 24 hours of request or sooner.

Each panel takes approximately 1.5 hours to install. So a door and panels should take about three hours. We schedule appointments first jobs in the morning.

Will my shower leak?
AGood question! A properly designed and installed shower door under normal shower conditions will have minimal water seepage. We also add vinyl seals at the bottom and either side of the door to keep the water inside the unit. Under direct pressure from the showerhead, water will penetrate the seals. Again we refer back to the design phase. Water sprayed directly at a hinge will seep through.

Handheld sprays should not be directed in these areas when cleaning as you will get the same results.

Will my shower need a header?
AThere are times when some panels are just too big and will need top support to limit the movement of the panel and make it safe for the occupants.

The better question is, can I deal with the noise and vibration and shudder of the door closing onto an unsupported panel. The further the panel is from the wall the more insecure it becomes.

In no event would we install an unsafe panel, but when some of these panels fall within the safe limits that the industry adheres to, there will be movement in the panel.

Once the unit is installed we cannot give the unit support without remaking the door or panel at additional cost to you. We suggest you stop by our showroom to open and close a few door to get the feel.

How do I clean my glass shower door?
AThere are many different cleaning agents out there. Read the labels and make sure there are no abrasives in them. Learn more about the many glass protectants available to help keep your doors from spotting and staining. Visit

These products work like Rain X does on your windshield, except they all come with a ten-year or more manufacturer warranty. Weekly or monthly applications are not needed. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. In my estimation they are particularly good investments especially for the individual who does the cleaning of the shower. In one case, we installed a three-panel shower and within three weeks the customer called to complain that the glass protectant wasn’t working. We notified the manufacturer and they went to the site to check. Sure enough the protectant was on only two of the three panels. They sent us a new panel and we went back and removed the old and replaced it with the new one. We haven’t heard from them since.

Are you insured, how long have you been in business?
AYes, we are fully insured and have been in business for 32 years.

If a problem should occur because of our installation it would be noticeable immediately but we warrant our craftsmanship for 1-year.

Do you have a showroom?
AYes, along with 15 shower doors on display. Our showroom also has a beautiful mirror and other glass related displays. Stop in or you can make an appointment with our sales department.



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