Beautiful Glass Shower Doors

If you have just gutted your old bathroom and spent thousands of dollars on new tile and marble etc. you should considering giving Just Glass a call before getting new shower doors. We spend a lot of time with homeowners helping to design showers for their new bathrooms.
Today in the shower door industry “less is more”. The less metal and hardware you see the more the focus is on your beautiful tile work. The larger the room becomes, the brighter the room becomes and the glass is significantly easier to clean without all the aluminum the older units were comprised of.
We can work you through the following questions, which may seem simple but if not considered properly you will have a door only opening half way because it is hitting the vanity or commode. You may place the door directly across from the stream of the shower head which can cause the unit to lose water onto the floor. (See our design tips and FAQ’s below)

If we get the opportunity to work with you in the development stage we can help to make the process easier. Remember we are the last people in your bathroom. We have seen all the mistakes people can make.
So call us up front, stop in our showroom and we can go over your ideas and give you important information to make your shower look and function beautifully. (See our design tips and FAQ’s below)

But it is not only new remodels we do.If you are still using old shower curtains or your original shower is getting mold and mildew and leaking is an issue, you can get rid of both and request Just Glass to come out and with our help design a brand new elegant shower for your bathroom. Over the years, we’ve installed and repaired shower doors of all shapes and sizes throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Beauty, elegance, and style…These are just some of the words that come to mind when you select shower doors from Just Glass.

No matter what kind of project your shower doors will be used for, be it new construction, a bathroom remodel, or simply repairing an existing shower door, our experts are ready to help see your project through to completion. We can dispatch shower door experts to your home from our location in Williamstown, New Jersey which allows us to serve customers throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a free consultation, or to get an idea of a budget you should plan for to achieve your desired look. Call (856) 728-8383 or send us an email.

Choosing The Perfect Shower Door (The Value of the Showroom)

There are many different names for shower doors in the marketplace. From fully framed ,to semi framed frameless barn door,glide Doors kinetic doors sliding and bypass doors. Many in the industry will use this terminology to describe a door or setup while in your home. They may show you nice pics, But they may not show the the shuttle differences between the style of the doors. The little glass samples we carry and color chips do not really show what your shower will look like.

That is why we always encourage our customers to come into the showroom,see the difference between a door with 3/16” thick glass and one with 3/8” thick glass. Open and close them feel the difference.

We understand price is always an issue, so you should try to educate yourself as best as possible and know why one door costs more than another.

Along with installing new shower doors, we also will make repairs and clean up your exiting units. Sometimes it just a matter of elbow grease or a new piece of hardware or removing and replacing your caulk. We can make that shower look New even though it isn’t,
so give us a call we give you a quote.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting the type of shower door you’d like to use is whether or not the shower uses heavy glass. Since heavy glass weighs considerably more than thinner glass (commonly used in framed and semi-frameless shower enclosures), it’s important to have adequate support within the wall to sustain the weight of the glass. Have you ever seen a shower door that doesn’t shut completely or maybe even rubs when closed? These are signs that the shower door has a heavier glass than the wall or mounts were built to support and is an extremely important factor to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a frameless shower.

An equally important factor to be aware of is how much space you have inside your bathroom. Space constraints may cause you to change your mind from selecting a swing-line shower door to a sliding shower door. Considering issues like this can sometimes be overlooked by amateurs who rely on blue prints for design and don’t even take into account actually being in the bathroom once the shower door has been installed. It’s important to consult an experienced shower door shop with a good reputation to avoid mistakes like these.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless showers and shower doors stand out from other shower enclosure types both in beauty and quality. By using heavy glass often with thicknesses from 3/8″ to 1/2″ tempered glass, these frameless showers don’t need additional support such as framing which allows a sleek, stylish look that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

At Just Glass, we work with some of the finest shower glass and hardware manufacturers to be able to offer a wide variety of styling options to help your frameless shower be unique while still matching the other decor in your bathroom. We also make it easy to have your frameless shower installed during remodeling and or new construction processes to releave any stress off the contractors or home owner, We do it ALL!  We are frameless shower door and enclosure experts and take pride in helping you design the shower of your dreams.

Getting Expert Shower Door Advice

Speaking with an expert installer will help you avoid pitfalls that can turn a wonderfully styled remodel into a disaster. Just Glass has experts readily available for in-home consultations or you can call with questions you may have when considering adding a shower door. Though our headquarters located in Williamstown, we travel all over the Tri-State Area for work. Contact us today to set up an in-home consultation by calling (856) 728-8383 or email us your questions anytime.

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Important Warnings!

Shower Doors are Not Watertight

Shower Enclosures, when properly installed, are designed to prevent leaks under normal shower conditions. Excessive water pressure or directing the shower spray directly at the door do not represent normal shower conditions and can result in leaks.

The amount of water that can escape your shower is also varies depending on the type of shower. A heavy glass swing door shower enclosure with no polycarbonate seals will allow more water to escape under normal conditions than a fully framed swing door shower enclosure.



Click On Each Step To See How Easy Ordering a Shower Door From Just Glass Truly is!

  • Step 1 – Initial Consultation Over The Phone

    With your basic measurements and preferences, we can supply a quote directly over the phone, in some cases the call will take only 5-10 minutes. You can complete a quote request online or visit our designer showroom in Williamstown, NJ.

  • Step 2 – Measurement for Installation

    After we are contacted to proceed with your quote, one of our trained professionals will be scheduled at your convenience and arrive to perform an exact measurement for the manufacturing process.

  • Step 3 – Precision Manufacuring

    Once the measurements are in, we then send the glass out to be Tempered to make the transition from normal Glass to Safety Glass. Also at this time, the glass gets cut to size and is Made custom to fit exactly into your opening, we cut the glass out of square to match your walls perfectly!

  • Step 4 – Precision Installation

    A trained installation technician will arrive to perform the installation of your new Just Glass shower door.

    The entire process is complete in Just TWO Weeks!

    Call (856)287-4737  for an instant consultation and pricing over the phone, or visit our Beautiful Showroom in Williamstown, NJ for a look at full sized displays and finishing hardware.