Upgrade Your Bathroom with a New Custom Shower

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel at your South Jersey home, you’ve likely considered a frameless shower door, and Just Glass & Mirror can help you decide what’s best for you! A bathroom remodel can significantly improve not only the value of your home but also the overall aesthetic. Imagine having a beautiful new spa-inspired shower to come home to every day. If that idea sounds enticing to you or you’ve already planned your remodel, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. Many of these decisions will involve the style of your new shower. Nothing quite matches the sleek beauty of a frameless shower door. Something about this style just makes your entire space feel like one of luxury. Contact our team today to learn more about this option.

What is a Frameless Shower Door?

At Just Glass & Mirror, custom shower doors are one of our South Jersey specialties. Frameless shower doors have quickly become one of our most popular selections. Homeowners love the modern style it brings to their bathroom, giving it a luxurious spa feel that shower curtains and framed doors can’t achieve. A frameless door is just what the name suggests. It features a heavy panel of tempered glass that is usually between 3/8 to 1/2-inch-thick and has no frame surrounding it.

Frameless or Semi-Frameless: What’s the Difference?

Frameless and semi-frameless shower doors are somewhat similar, but as their names point out, there is one significant difference. Frameless doors are attached by hinges only, meaning there is no metal around the door itself. The only metal you may notice on a frameless door are the hinges used to attach it to the surrounding shower and a header used to stabilize the door when closed. This header stays fixed in place, though, and does not move when the door is opened, as it is not attached to the door itself. Semi-frameless shower doors, on the other hand, do have metal around a portion of the door, usually at the bottom to control leakage. This type of door will also have a supportive metal frame around the entire door enclosure.

The Pros and Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

As with any design element, frameless shower doors have both pros and cons. It’s important to weigh your options and determine what is best for your space before making a decision about the type of shower door to install. Consider these facts when determining if a frameless shower door is right for your South Jersey home:

  • Customizable: Most frameless shower doors are made custom, instead of being mass-produced like their framed counterparts. That means you have the option to make your frameless door exactly the size you want! You’ll never have to worry about conforming to standard sizes again.
  • Cost: While frameless doors are beautiful, they do cost more than the average framed door. This is because they require a thicker piece of glass in order to be sturdy enough to stay in place without a frame.
  • Aesthetics: The sleek style of frameless doors can’t be matched by the heavy metal and rubber frame surrounding a framed door. Your shower will look clean, fresh, and modern when you choose a frameless option over the bulky appearance of a door with a frame.
  • Function: Frameless doors leave something to be desired when it comes to function. The reason framed doors have a large rubber seal is to keep water from leaking out. While frameless doors are cut as precisely as possible to ensure a tight close, there’s always the possibility that they may leak a little water, especially if your shower head is pointed directly at the door.
  • Cleanliness: Though the rubber seal keeps water from leaking onto the floor, it does make cleaning a framed shower door more difficult. This seal increases the risk of water collecting underneath, which could result in mold and mildew growth. A frameless door won’t cause this problem.

Are Frameless Shower Doors Safe?

If you’re considering investing in one of our frameless shower doors, you may be concerned about their safety. After all, it is a large piece of glass that is hanging only by the support of hinges. For the most part, a frameless glass shower door will be completely safe at your South Jersey home. However, they do pose the risk of breaking, though it is extremely rare. Temperature changes and defects in the glass are the leading causes of breakage for frameless shower doors, both of which could cause the door to shatter. However, the panels used in this type of door are made from tempered glass, which is designed to shatter into small pieces as a safety measure. Though tempered glass can still cause injury, the pieces are small enough to prevent large wounds that standard glass shards could cause. When you hire our experienced team, this risk of breakage is reduced as we ensure the door is installed properly the first time.

Build a Custom Shower with Our Help

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom with a brand-new shower? The team at Just Glass & Mirror can help you design and build a custom shower to meet all of your needs. We’ll work with you to choose the right style and size of doors to suit your space, produce a custom solution, and provide expert installation. Contact us today to get started!

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